The Day the Crayons Quit

Can we say…WINNER!!!

Of course, I have to declare right now, that if Oliver Jeffers has anything to do with a children’s book, I think I am going to love it…just so you know. And I am loving this collaboration with Drew Daywalt!


But really…this book is KID my Little Darling, approved. We had this book with us on our recent trip WAYYY down south, and I think we probably read it at least twice every day. Suffice it to say, when I asked (and remember, he is 2 1/2) “who did the crayons write letters to?” A cherubic little voice always responded, “Duncan.” That, my friends, is a winner!

What is it that makes this book so-o-o special. Well, the illustrations will knock your socks off, really! The crayons are so real they almost hop off the page. Who knew crayons could have so much personality and…feelings – WOW!


And the letters that the crayons write – so heartfelt – and you can sympathize, can’t you, with red crayon, who feels so overworked and complains because he even has to work on HOLIDAYS!!! Oh my! And what about the spat between yellow and orange crayon – which one IS the true color of the sun? Only green crayon seems to be really happy – what a relief.

But poor Duncan…what’s a boy to do? How will he EVER make ALL the crayons happy? Can he possibly? Pick up your copy of The Day the Crayons Quit so that you can find out…you know you want to.

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