Mr. Zinger’s Hat

One of MY favorite school memories were the annual visits of professional storytellers, and not just because we got to miss class for an hour. NO! For an hour I sat in an auditorium packed with other children, mesmerized by someone who had perfectly mastered the art of telling a story. It. Was. Magic.

Sooo it was so exciting to pick up Mr. Zinger’s Hat by Cary Fagan and once again enter the world of a storyteller.

Mr. Zinger is an older man who wears a rather large hat and who, for inspiration, walks in the park in the afternoon. Leo likes to play with his ball outside and one afternoon Leo’s ball makes contact with Mr. Zinger’s hat and the hat takes off on a gust of wind. The hat comes to rest on Leo’s head and Leo and Mr. Zinger sit down together. And so it begins…it seems a story is trying to get out of the hat.

I am NOT going to spoil the story for you but Mr. Zinger and Leo, together, craft a beautiful story. But even better…when Mr. Zinger leaves and Leo sees a girl in the park…well, the story begins again!

Do you tell stories to your children/grandchildren? We used to make up ridiculous stories, especially when we were traveling. I have already started telling our grandson stories…he loves to listen and laugh and add his own and change them sometimes, too! So much fun.

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