Journey – A Wordless Escape!

How often…as a mother/grandmother have you heard – “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!” Several times, I would wager. In the old days, pre-TV, video games, iPads, children spent a lot of times outside, playing – am I right? Now, things are slightly different. Not that children don’t play outside, but there are many who have little time to run free and unencumbered. When our children were little we lived in Hong Kong – now that was really different. Playgrounds were…well…not what we had been used to and so we ended up spending a lot of time at the beach (I know, nice) or at a private club where the children could swim and play tennis (also, no hardship). But grass…what.was.that???


On days when we were at home, we did lots of indoor activities with  paints and crayons, paper and canvas. Which leads nicely to today’s book, Journey. Aaron Becker has illustrated a story about a girl who is lonely and perhaps a little bored. Everyone in her family seems to be busy. So…what does she do? Well, what can you do with a crayon? Like any self-respecting child, instead of coloring on the paper she has close by…she draws a door ON THE WALL!!!

Watch out when you turn the page…because you will be entering a land of magic! Crayon in hand the girl walks through the red door into a forest lit with fairy lights and chinese lanterns. She comes to the dock at the edge of the stream and draws herself a red boat, hops in and sails away!

I am NOT going to give away the magic of this wordless story. Just let me say this…I’m not sure who will enjoy this book more: the child/children you will share it with or YOU! Every time you turn the page, the girl begins a new part of her adventure…it will take your breath away.

Will her red crayon ever take her home again? Well, you will have to get your own copy of the book to find out now, won’t you?

Still not sure… WATCH THIS!!!

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