Have you ever walked down a city street in a windstorm? Did you notice how the wind picks up EVERYTHING and tosses it here and there and everywhere?

Yes, well. That is Windblown! Written and illustrated by Édouard Manceau, this book is pure genius in its simplicity and, by the time you get to the end, your little one will be begging to create his own masterpiece out of “windblown” scraps of paper. You can, by the way, download and print your own, right here! Then you will be ready to go – all you will need are the shapes that you print and cut out, a piece of paper to glue them on, and crayons and your little one will be ready to dream up his or her own bird/chicken/snail/frog/fish…what will it be?

This is a great book to use as a jumping off point to so many different kinds of art projects – great for rainy days that force you to stay inside. I have attached a few links below to other art projects with paper that you might find interesting. Have fun!

Make your own Stained Glass…with paper!

Check out this Christmas Tree…made with strips of paper.

Painted newspaper hearts.

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