Max’s Words

At heart, everyone is a collector, I think. We all just choose to collect different things. I could be accused of collecting many things, chief among them, you won’t be surprised to hear – BOOKS. Of all shapes, sizes, languages, ages – you name it – we probably have it. At one point, my husband, in a feeble attempt to organize my books tried to put them all in a data base…yes, well, we don’t do that anymore. But it was the thought that counted. It was the thought that counted.

Max’s Words is all about a family who collects things, too. Max has two brothers, Benjamin and Karl; they collect stamps and coins, but they will NOT share with Max. Max wanted to collect SOMETHING…but what to collect? Finally, he decides that he is going to collect…words. WHAT? Yes, you read that correctly. Words. Well, his brothers were not impressed. But that did not stop Max.

Max's Words

He began cutting words out, first small ones and then bigger ones. He had piles and piles of words. What to do with all those words? Why…you could put them together and make sentences…silly sentences. And stories. Benjamin and Karl saw how much fun Max was having with his words and they wanted to have some words too. Hmmm. Maybe, if they would share their collections with Max.

As a reader, I love that Kate Banks has used Max’s Words to show children that words can be just as important to collect as things…perhaps even more so, because we can use our words to transport us to magical worlds of make believe. And isn’t that at least part of what being a child is all about?

Max's Words 2

Look out too, for Max’s Dragon and Max’s Castle. All are illustrated by Boris Kulikov who was educated in St. Petersburg at the Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. His theatrical background has obviously played a major role in his career as an illustrator.

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