Favorites on Friday

boy on a horse

Little cowboy on horse by Sam Hood, April 22, 1935. Photo courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales/flickr

Look closely at the picture above…is it just me or does it look to you like the little boy is holding some sort of cell phone???  Since the picture was taken in 1935, I think my eyes are playing tricks on me!

We are in for some fun this weekend! The Little Darling has arrived and he came with a list of “Mimi and Pops lets do…” I sure hope we are ready! I do know that we have a big stack of books, a big tub of Duplos, a train set that are all waiting to be read and played with, when we can’t be outside.

Hope that you have a great weekend –

  • Looking for a Thanksgiving craft project/table decoration that you and your children can work on together?
  • Would you take a toddler to Paris? Kirk and Eva from Sycamore Press did. Read about it, here.
  • And speaking of Paris…don’t forget about the great book giveaway, here. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for Rafflecopter link)
  • A Library with shelves that are meant to be CLIMBED!!!
  • This instagram account shows how you can take an everyday object and create a simple work of art – so cool!
  • I know, you probably can’t understand a word written here, but you just have to check out this Russian Cardboard Dad – really you can do amazing things with cardboard!

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