Truck Stop

Truck Stop is a grand book…and I don’t say that often. Anne Rockwell has been writing great books for children for over 50 years. Many of you may be familiar with some of her books – Apples and Pumpkins, Clouds, and The Toolbox, just to name a few.

Told from a boy’s point of view, Truck Stop takes us back, I think, to a time when life was slower and people cared, really cared about each other. Every morning the boy and his parents get up early and go to the truck stop – an old fashioned one, by the side of the road, and they get ready for their morning customers. They know everybody and what they want as they come through the door.


But one of the regulars is not there this morning and the boy is worried. As he goes to school on the bus, he keeps a lookout, and sure enough he spots “Green Gus” the missing regular, broken down by the side of the road. He asks the bus driver to call the truck stop so that the tow truck can be sent out. He saved the day!

More than just a book about trucks, this is a book about a family working together in a business and, in a service industry, a restaurant, making people happy and satisfied as they go on about their work. The uncle also works in the repair shop at the truck stop rounding out the family.

Truck Stop 2

And let’s not forget about the illustrations very capably done by Melissa Iwai. I love the color palette that she choose and the retro feel of the illustrations. It is art that is immediately accessible to children. The end covers are full of illustrations of all different types of trucks, which are fun to look at and talk about, too.

Want to have more fun with Truck Stop? Check out Melissa Iwai’s Activity Sheets ( Click the Download link under each image to print out).

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