Favorites on Friday

  • Do you still have as many leaves in your yard as I do? How about making “Leaf Crowns with/for your children!
  • I saw this post about funny things your children say and I love this “Quotable” book idea from Paper Coterie. What a great gift to give to your graduate some day!
  • Have you ever thought about having a “Family Art Night?” Looks like fun!
  • This is such a cute book – and a fun way to teach children about words – If You Were a Palindrome – trust me – you won’t be disappointed!
  • Need a little Christmas, but don’t want the mess? Take a look at these adorable wall stickers! Or…how about this! A Chalkboard Christmas tree to help you count down the days!
Children Skating in Berlin

Children Skating in Berlin, 1910 

Photo courtesy of vintagephoto.livejournal.com – Photographer Philipp Kester.

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