A Collection of Thanksgiving Books

I thought you might like to have a short selection of Thanksgiving books for the coming holiday. For a wider selection you can check out my Pinterest page Thanksgiving Books for Children. Be sure to check your local library – they are always a great source for seasonal and holiday books, too!

Giving Thanks – The 1621 Harvest Feast  – Ever wonder what the real first Thanksgiving was like? In Plimoth, Massachusetts, sometime in the autumn of 1621, English settlers–known as Pilgrims–and the Wampanoag people shared a harvest celebration that eventually became swallowed up in myth and legend. Giving Thanks is a photographic reenactment of what might have taken place, based on true historical accounts.

Told from Squanto’s point of view, Squanto’s Journey is an historically accurate and detailed story that brings to life one of the most important moments in America’s past. Demonstrating how much his people (the Patuxet, the People of the Falls) value honor, Squanto befriends English traders, even after being kidnapped and taken to Spain. After much hard work, Squanto manages to sail back to his homeland, where, in spite of his discovery that many of his people have died from disease brought by white people, he acts as envoy between the English and his own people, and helps the pilgrims survive in their new world.

squanto's journey

In A Turkey for Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. Moose invite their animal friends for Thanksgiving dinner, and the only one missing is Turkey. When they set out to find him, Turkey is quaking with fear because he doesn’t realize that his hosts want him at their table, not on it.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

The poems in Thanksgiving Day at Our House: Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young present a family’s Thanksgiving, from the pre-holiday festivities at school to the home-centered activities of a jolly extended family. The rhyming verse, varied in form and full of good humor, takes a child’s view of holiday moments, including the arrival of company, Granny’s stories, charades, grace before dinner, “the quiet moment” after dinner when everyone is full and contented, and a good-night prayer. The themes of prayer and thanks recur throughout the book, giving a dimension of meaning that makes the holiday more than fun and games.

The Thanksgiving Door is a beautifully illustrated story that reminds everyone that Thanksgiving is about opening one’s heart in welcome to the strangers who become friends and the disappointments that bring unexpected joys.

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