Olive and the Big Secret

Can YOU keep a secret? Some people are the best secret keepers…and then there are others, like Olive. Chances are, we’ve probably all been in Olive’s shoes at some point in our lives.

Tor Freeman does a great job, I think, of taking a serious subject – the importance of friendship, keeping something secret that someone has told you – and telling a story that is age appropriate, that is geared towards the four to eight year old range.  Molly has found a boy that she likes and she wants to share her news with someone – so, she tells Olive, but she tells her not to tell anyone. Well…you know what happens…Olive just couldn’t stand it.

And then it starts, because no one, it seems, can keep a secret. Until finally, shock!!! Someone tells Molly her own secret!!! Can you imagine? Oh Dear! I think that you will agree that Olive and the BIG Secret handles a “serious” subject in a lighthearted way that manages to get the message across – perhaps if you can’t keep a secret you don’t want to know it in the first place!

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