If you have a child who loves trains – then you need this book!

Locomotive by Brian Floca is an amazing resource for any child who wants to know more about the history of trains in the US. I love the way that he has chosen to make it “real” by depicting a family on a journey across the country on a train and then explaining how long that would have taken.

The illustrations beautifully depict all the people who helped to construct the railroad but the men who work the rails – the brakemen, firemen, engineers, and conductors, as well as the switchmen who connect the cars together – dangerous work.


No detail has been left out – you know what they might have eaten – could that have been prairie dog? How they slept on the train. And each part of the country is documented as they pass through so that by the time they reach their destination – San Francisco, you feel like you seen the country just as they have from Nebraska to California.

More than just a story book, more than just an exquisite picture book – this is a book full of factual, but accessible, information on steam power for the most discerning youngster.


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