Our Canadian Love Story

The internet is really such an amazing place, don’t you think?

Last Christmas, I don’t remember how, I ran across a little children’s shop, Leuie, in Vancouver…and I ordered some Christmas presents, quite late, to be shipped to some small people in the US. Naturally, I was just a little anxious that they might not arrive on time. But the lovely ladies at Leuie did not fail me. So I keep a careful watch on what is going on in Vancouver because, well, because I need to!

This is a very loong way of explaining how I found the book we are talking about today and the charming and vivacious woman who wrote it. I saw on Leuie’s Facebook page, that they were hosting a reading of Our Canadian Love Story at their little shop, and I was intrigued. So I started digging around and found Linnie’s contact information and emailed her. Immediately I knew that I had a new friend, at least virtually. We may well never meet, but even an email from Linnie will tell you that she is something special! This is a photo of Linnie taken at her book reading party at Leuie – Love it!!!

 So after we emailed… I wanted to share this book with you. And tell you a little bit more about Linnie and how she came to write her “Canadian Love Story.”

5 Things To Know about Linnie

What inspired you to write Our Canadian Love Story?

I’ve always told stories and when my best friend was diagnosed with cancer in our early twenties I began writing them down to amuse her while I took our minds on excursions. We used my stories to carry our imagination away from the absurd, sterile hospital environment that had become our lives. For three years it was my writing that carried me through our days. It’s where I put my pain, digested my feelings and crafted my dreams. While the world around us stopped making sense it was in my writing that I found my comfort and strength. The fact that stories make me smile is the single reason I keep writing.

What did you do before you decided to embark on a career as an author?

I had to laugh when Linnie described herself as a “career contortionist.” Why? Because Linnie is a very capable qualified young woman! She holds degrees in…Multimedia Design and Communication Studies with Post Graduate degrees in Marketing Management and Immigration Law Policy and Procedure! But like many people she didn’t find the straight line to connect all the dots. She is now an author AND independent publisher who considers herself quite lucky that her career and passion are one in the same!

The actual story of how Our Canadian Love Story came to be is rather, shall we say, unique. Tell us about how you wrote it?

I wrote this particular story on three Air Canada puke bags on a domestic Canadian flight. Sometimes overhead bins are too far to reach and I suppose I wasn’t aware that I was penning my first children’s book.

Do you have plans for further books?

Book two is written and we’re currently illustrating it, book three and four live in my head, though the plot is clear and we’ve already illustrated the main cast of characters. The best part is that I know that I will do this again and again and again until I’m old and grey and weathered. I cannot imagine ever doing anything else ever again.

My second book is about a little Penguin whose friends and family call him Pom Pom for short. He doesn’t particularly like that because they say he “looks like a pom pom.” He’d prefer to be called by his real name Pomeroy Paulus Junior III. This is the book that I’ve always wanted to write. My ultimate pet peeve are fat jokes and obesity bullies. I’m done with this last standing prejudice and the wide spread nature of how little respect our society shows to those who don’t fit our Size 0 – 12 frames. Pomeroy Paulus Junior III is going to teach us a lesson that should have been ingrained in all of us from early childhood on: Friends don’t ever laugh at friends and if someone hurts because they are victimized by your sense of humour then it’s truly not humorous at all. Bullying is something I have no tolerance for.

What books influenced you as a child?

Where do I begin? I shared a room with both my younger sisters until I was 13. My parents read to us every single night and when we didn’t read my dad would make up stories that held us captive and made our imagination spin with excitement. I can’t ever remember not being read to. When we didn’t read we listened to stories on cassette tapes and records. Once a week the library bus would roll to the little Berlin corner where we lived and we’d trade in old tapes for new ones and pick up an entire world of written adventures. I still love the smell of library books.

Astrid Lindgren has always been my greatest love. One day I want to look as wise and wrinkled as she did in my childhood…with a magic twinkle in her eyes that tells me she is truly the only one in the world who could have imagined the stories of Pippi Longstocking and the Children of Bullerbü. I remember reenacting her stories in our make belief play times.

So, what about the book, Our Canadian Love Story?

I love the premise – this is actually two stories in one book…and they meet in the middle, so clever!

Without giving away the entire story, because you really should get yourself a copy: two adorable rabbits, one from Mexico, Señor Giacomo and a beautiful French hare, Mademoiselle Jacqueline both have a bit of, shall we say wanderlust. They each learn, independently of a marvelous place, Canada. A wonderful place with big, broad skies, amazing light and the ground is covered in sparkly white powder. But, best of all, the rabbits think it smells wonderful – like sweet sugary maple. YUM!!!

Independently, of course, they make their respective way to this wonderful new place…and well, you can probably guess what happens, can’t you?

On the surface, this is a sweet bunny story and I love it…it has also been given our Little Darling’s seal of approval, if you care at all about the opinion of an almost 3 year old.

But on another level, it is a story about change, moving, starting over…something that we have, like many families done over and over. But moving to a new country and starting afresh is something entirely different, I think. Learning a new language and adapting to new customs play a huge part in how quickly a person/family feels “at home” in a new place.

I think that this would be a great book for any family, contemplating a move -while a move can sometimes feel daunting – it can also be exciting to meet new people, learn a new language, and see how people in other places live.

Right now, to purchase a copy of Linnie’s book you have to contact her at: My Silk Web.

Thanks, Linnie, so much for our virtual friendship and for sending me a copy of your amazing book!



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