Little Red Writing

We are all familiar with the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood – but have you heard about/read the latest twist on the tale by Joan Holub, illustrated by one of our favorites – Melissa SweetLittle Red Writing?

Well, if you haven’t happened upon this book, it might be the perfect Christmas gift.

In this retelling, Little Red is the cutest pencil. At school with her pencil friends, the assignment today is to write a story. What fun! All the pencils decide what kind of story they want to write – Little Red decides her story should be about bravery because red is the color of courage. Armed with a basket of 15 red words given to her by Ms. 2, her teacher…off she goes on the story path.

Just like most stories, Little Red’s started rather predictably and she wanted her story to be exciting.

I urge you to take a walk with Little Red as she crafts her story. Will she emerge unscathed? What about Principal Granny? Can Little Red save her? Will Little Red finish her story and get back to class in time to read it?

This is the perfect collaboration of a writer and an illustrator. Adults will love it. Children will love it. It absolutely fulfills one of my prerequisites – lots to talk about on each and every page.

Love it, love it, love it!!!

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