Where SpaceX’s Next Gen Adventurers Are Born

While Elon Musk and others set their gaze upon the cold, barren landscape of Mars, the explorers who will actually step foot on the “Red Planet” are the precious darlings we’re currently doting on! So what better way to inspire their sense of science and adventure to worlds beyond than with a Cardboard Rocket!

Cardboard-Rocket-Ship-INSIDEWonderfully simple to put up and with doors and windows already cut, this sturdy and spacious rocket ship, made of environmentally friendly cardboard is a fun addition to any kid’s room.

However, if you’re in an exceptionally adventuresome mood yourself, the folks over at instructables have an easy to follow guide on how to make your own, customized ship to the stars!

Cardboard-Rocket-Ship-INSTRUCTABLESWhile you’re over at instructables, don’t forget to check out the comments section! There are a number of great examples of people putting their creativity to use. When it comes to customization … this one, from a 2011 Space Birthday Party is pretty great!

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