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Photo courtesy of the Keene Public Library/flickr

Photo courtesy of the Keene Public Library/flickr

I don’t know about you…but we have had our share of snow, sleet, ice, and rain recently. And while we certainly have not had as much snow here as they had, for example, in Keene, NH, over 120 years ago…we still had to rely on the kindness of neighbors to dig us out when the snow drifted across our drive and we couldn’t get out.

Have any plans for the weekend? We are thawing out and staying warm. I foresee lots of book reading and needlepoint in my immediate future!

  • Have you heard about Handy Dad? I hadn’t, but you should check him out. Cute projects for Dads, and Moms, to do with their children!
  • Do you follow John and Sherry on Young House Love?  They put together a very cute shelf for their daughter, Clara, for Christmas. Built to house some of her little figurines, Clara got to play a role in the design process, too. She picked out the fabrics that would customize some of the little cubbies. So cute!
  • I loved reading this article by Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic. I think that she makes a compelling argument for eating organic, unprocessed foods – it  really doesn’t cost more to eat better.
  • When last our Little Darling was here, he had the cutest pair of pj’s with wildlife on them – moose, bears, foxes, etc. So you can imagine my surprise when we found these books, Big Bear Hug, The Busy Beaver, Making the Moose out of Life, and Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland with virtually ALL the same animals – he really enjoyed the books! And who knew that Nicholas Oldland had his OWN clothing company, Hatley.

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