Friendly Toys – Handmade with love in Lithuania

I love it when I find something that I am not even looking for! Don’t you? I was working on something completely different and all of a sudden an image of a beautiful wooden toy popped up on my Etsy homepage. So beautiful. I had to look to see who was producing these miniature masterpieces.

So, let me introduce you to Sigita, Donatas and Saulė – the family behind Friendly Toys. They left the busy city life of Vilnius and moved to a place where trees touch the sky. Inspired by watching their daughter grow, they began creating wooden toys.

Why do they call their toys “Friendly?”  All of  the materials they use are 100% natural and biodegradable: birch, natural „Milk Paint“ paint, linen strings and cold-pressed linen seed oil which has both natural scent and moisture protection quality. And, as they say best themselves – “the toys are born in the family and inspired by its smallest member. Thus in the environment full of love toys are infused with nothing but friendliness and good energy.”

I love that they will personalize your toy, too, creating an heirloom toy for a child to treasure.

What would you buy? I am having a hard time deciding which is my favorite. I love them all. It’s good, I think, that the shop offers a discount after you buy a toy – makes buying the second one a little bit easier!


Personalized Wooden Toy, Eco-Friendly Airplane


Wooden Hobbyhorse


Personalized Wooden Sparrow Push Toy


Personalized Wooden Dodo Pull Toy


Personalized Wooden Helicopter

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