All Your Children’s Questions about The Toilet – ANSWERED!

Do I have your attention? I thought perhaps that might pull a few of you in! But seriously, children ask the craziest questions, don’t they? Have you ever been on an airplane with a child who needed to use the toilet? “Mom, where does it go?!?” Right!


Well, I am so happy to report that David Macaulay, whose books I have been buying for YEARS – you will, I am sure know his work, too,Cathedral: The Story of its Construction, City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, The Way Things Work and The New The Way Things Work, The Way We Work…just to name a few of the many books he has had published since 1973.

Which brings me to his latest masterpiece…Toilet – How It Works. Genius, right? At some point or other every child, well…most every child has questions about the toilet. And now, in a book that is written and illustrated with children in mind – it is easy enough for a preschooler to understand, are all the answers. Does your little one want to know how a septic system works, no problem or the whole sewer system in a city…that’s covered too.


This would be a great reference for a potential science project. All in all – it’s a great little, easy to read – easy to understand book about one of life’s burning questions – “How does that work?”


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