Does Your Child iPad, iPod, or Kindle?

Right after the iPad first came out, I hurt my back and was out of commission for awhile. Because I could not sit up at my desk to use a computer, I got an iPad. At first I thought, ok this is interesting…but slowly I decided I really liked it. I am now on my second iPad. I think I am hooked. So, I wasn’t surprised when our Little Darling started listening to and then playing with an iPad. In fact, our daughter took a picture of him next to the iPad when he was little…he’s only slightly bigger than the iPad…he was so little.


If you are now wondering what the point of my rambling is…it is this – a study has just been released that says these devices largely are seen to enhance children’s literacy skills. You can read the whole article here – Engaging with Ebooks Can Aid Children’s Literacy, Study Finds.


With his Uncle Bubba … Can’t Pull Either Away from their Devices sometimes!

How about your family? Do your children have access to iPods, iPads, Kindles or other devices? Do you limit the time they spend on them? Or do you find, as we have, that children often are good judges. Our Little Darling really enjoys his iPad, and it’s especially helpful in the car, but he likes to do lots of other things to, play games, make things, read books, and most of all be outside!

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