I’m a Sucker for Handmade Soft Toys…Are You?

Don’t ever mention this to my husband, ok? But I hardly ever have seen a soft cuddly handmade toy – doll, animal, etc. that I can resist. I think it might be a sickness!

Have you ever seen the amazing animals that Jane is creating at Hazel Village? NO! Then you must, absolutely must, when you finish reading this of course, hop right on over to her website. I want them all! What sort of animal would your little one fancy – currently available is a fine selection of mice, foxes, toads, raccoons, owls, cats, and bears! And, to make the deal even sweeter, you can buy them wardrobes and accessories!  Are you in?

Oh the fun children could have playing, acting out stories, having animal tea parties!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’m rather fond of Gwendolyn here.  And I love the description that Jane gives for each animal – oh, and did I mention that you can also ask for your animal to be monogrammed? No. Well, Jane will do that for you!


Gwendolyn Raccoon

Sometimes Gwendolyn hides in a special lair by the path, where she can see if any cats pass by. She really loves cats. She thinks they are so cute, and also scary even though they leave her alone. Her favorite toy is a tiny stuffed cat, which was a birthday present from Penelope Rabbit.

Gwendolyn is 14″ tall. She is made of gray organic cotton with a brushed flannel texture, with black mask and tail stripes and a white snout. Her ears are lined with cotton shirting. Her eyes and nose are hand-stitched with cotton thread. She is stuffed with washable polyfill, so she can be hand washed in warm water and air dried.

Gwendolyn’s dress is made of white cotton with tiny blue, yellow and green flowers on it. It has a snap closure in back. It is removable so she can change clothes.

Gwendolyn and her dress will come to you in a reusable cotton bag, perfumed with a lavender and mint sachet. If you like, you can even order a hand-stitched monogram on Gwendolyn’s chest.


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