Coding for the Younger Generation – Hello Ruby!

Now if you don’t know what that means…well, then get comfortable. I want to introduce you to an amazing young woman – Linda Liukas. She is smart – wicked smart and not only is she smart – she is awfully cute. And Linda has done all of our children/grandchildren a huge favor. She has developed  a new and very innovative way to bring the language of the 21st century – code – alive and make it so accessible for children that they won’t be able NOT to learn it. GENIUS!!!


She has put together a storybook and workbook, aimed at children 4-7 that will teach the foundations of technology through stories and activities. Linda has been teaching programming for the past three years working through a non-profit that she co-founded called Rails Girls and at Codeacademy.

To fund her project called Hello Ruby, Linda launched a Kickstarter campaign with hopes of reaching a target of $10,000.00. As I write this, she has blown past that number and now has pledges for over $200,000.00! WOW!!! I think that people are really excited about Hello Ruby and the possibilities of teaching coding to young children and making it FUN.

Oh, and by the way, there is apparently vigorous debate in Finland (Linda’s native country) and in the UK as well about bringing coding into the national curriculum…what was that silence I heard here. Wait…I did find an article on Mashable about a school in Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts that started this academic year to incorporate coding into each of their classes.

So, I encourage you to watch Linda’s video – I dare you not to fall in love with her enthusiasm for coding…and for life. And then maybe you should fund her project, too, and look forward to receiving your own copy of Hello Ruby.

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