Thanks so much to those of you who have contacted me regarding your experiences with Pleygo. After my post on Pleygo, which I have included below, I received several comments and emails about the service their current customers are receiving – and it wasn’t positive. I wrote to Pleygo – and basically they told me that they were ” a young company that is working non-stop to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

While I still think the concept of a “Netflix-like” business model for LEGOs is a great idea – you have to have ample product available and outstanding customer service in place to back it up. Finally, on Monday, January 27, after weeks of people commenting on Facebook, Pleygo finally started responding to people’s comments. It will be interesting to see if Pleygo can pull it together. I hope so.

BUT, in all fairness to you, my readers, I can NOT recommend that you subscribe to Pleygo right now.

For those of you new to my post regarding Pleygo, I’ve included it, as well as the comments associated with it, below:


Calling All LEGO Lovers…Have You Met Pleygo?

Sometimes women really do have the best ideas! This latest amazing idea comes from Elina, a parenting columnist, author and kids style expert. After her husband told her how much money they were spending on LEGOs, she came up with the brilliant idea of a rental service.


And so Pleygo was born.

The Netflix for LEGOs. GENIUS! I love this idea. You have a child who loves LEGOs…Pleygo is a service that, for a monthly fee, which varies depending on the size of the LEGO set that you want, you can rent as many sets per month as you like, one at a time. The starting price is $15/month…your first month is free. You can unsubscribe at any time. I wish I had thought of this.

Elina, Pleygo's founder, plays with her son Julian when testing the new Pleygo shipping box.

Elina, Pleygo’s founder, plays with her son Julian when testing the new Pleygo shipping box.

I’m thinking that this could be a fun birthday present for someone…you could give a fixed term subscription for your favorite little one? What do you think? Will you be trying out Pleygo? Let me know!

Want to know more?

  • Are the LEGO sets clean?

Yes! Every set is cleaned with an eco- and kid-friendly sterilization solution. Our cleaner cleans inside the bricks and its studs (the round bumps) to the same standards approved by the FDA for restaurants. Our proven cleaning and sanitation process ensures that 99.99% of residuals, germs and bacteria have been killed and removed from the bricks.

  • What do I get in the box?

We send you a beautifully designed box with the LEGO set pieces in a mesh bag with the original printed manual. We also include a spare pieces bag that includes the 10 most common spare pieces.

  • Do I need to pay for shipping?

No. We ship your LEGO sets both ways, for free. When you get the LEGO set in the mail, you will also get a pre-paid return shipping label.

  • What happens if I lose a piece?

No worries — we understand that pieces can get lost during play. Our service includes a guarantee so that you will not be charged anything extra if normal loss (up to 10 pieces) occurs.

  • What happens if the set is missing a piece when it arrives?

We check every set to make sure that our sets leave our processing center with all their pieces. But sometimes incomplete sets might go through our process undetected. If you can’t find a piece, please check the Spare Pieces Bag we include that has the most common 10 brick replacements. Alternatively, email us and we will send you replacement parts right away.

  • How much does the service cost?

We have three plans starting from $15 per month based on whether you want to rent medium, large ($25/month) or huge sets ($39/month). All plans provide you unlimited exchange of rentals per month, one-at-a-time.

  • How often can I get a new LEGO set?

You can exchange LEGO sets as often as you like — there’s no limit to the number of sets you can exchange per month and how long you can keep them. It takes between 2-3 days to get a set depending on the USPS delivery schedule.

  • Can I buy the set if my kid wants to keep it?

Yes. If your child loves the set and wants to keep it, you can easily purchase it from the My Account page. You’ll be charged a discounted price from the retail price of the set and will get the next rental set in your Wish List right after your purchase.


 Tom says –  (Edit)

Love this idea!


 Robin says –  (Edit)

We’ve had Pleygo for almost a month. There is nothing Netflix-like about it. It has been very disappointing. We’ve waited 13 days for the next kit to ship and it’s not a kit from the top 10 of my boy’s wish list. We had no response from customer service. Check their Facebook page and read what others are saying about them. I wish I had before I purchased. We won’t be renewing our subscription.


 cattailchronicles says –  (Edit)


Thanks for your comments. I do understand, very well, how frustrating it is not to have a timely response from customer service. Pleygo is a service business – and as such their first priority should be focusing on a positive customer experience. Pleygo, earlier this week, did release a statement which I am including below,for reference. When I saw this, I assumed that like many new businesses, and after the national exposure they have received they are currently experiencing growing pains. I can accept that -BUT I am not currently a Pleygo subscriber. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, and I hope that they are working hard to make ALL their customers happy. Thanks again for your input. It is important to me that my readers know all sides.

To our valued customers:

When Pleygo began last summer, our goal was to provide parents and children with a new way to Pley. We grew from a humble parent-operated business out of a garage to supporting more than 12,000 families across the country from a large commercial warehouse. For that we are extremely grateful.

We are working day and night to ensure that our service is superb, and we continue to improve our operations as we grow. Yet, like most young companies, we continue to encounter issues and have been working to overcome them as effectively as possible. Currently, we are working non-stop to meet the incredible demand from the recent holiday period. We are adding to our inventory every day to deliver your child their next set as soon as possible.

We want each of our members to know that we truly value your support, and ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to grow, increase our inventory, and meet our collective goal of providing children with new and better ways to Pley.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

The Pleygo Team


 Terri says –  (Edit)

Add us to the long list of dissatisfied customers. While I am trying to be understanding of their struggles as a new company I think it would be unethical for me not to warn future customers that Pleygo cannot keep up with their current customers…..but will happily take your credit card payment while they are trying to work it out. I am afraid that, at this point anyway, Pleygo has been a big disappointment for us and I have to agree with Robin that posted above. Hoping it gets better…….


 cattailchronicles says –  (Edit)


Thanks so much your comment. I have written to Pleygo and so far have only received an automated response. As soon as I receive a reply from Pleygo, I will share that here. If I receive NO response from Pleygo…I will be revising my original recommendation to an emphatic “DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE.” Thanks again, and I am truly sorry for the troubles you have had.


 Rachel says –  (Edit)

Yes, please don’t recommend! The service is absolutely rediculous. I feel it would be extremely unethical of them to take another penny from a new customer before they can fix the problems with their current customers. This is a fabulous business idea that has been executed in the worst way. They got way in over their heads and never should have taken on this many customers before having the proper supply & plan. I know no new business is perfect but this is a disaster & they do not even know how to address a question or concern properly which makes you wonder if they are even listening! FYI we have received 3 bottom of the wish list sets in 2 $25 a month those 3 sets could easily have been purchased new for that. Wait time of over 2 weeks between sets. Beware!!!!


 cattailchronicles says –  (Edit)

Thanks Rachel,

I am anxiously awaiting Pleygo’s response. I am really sorry that so many Moms, Dads, AND children have been left frustrated and disappointed by Pleygo’s service…or lack there of.


 Linda says –  (Edit)

Have you heard anything from Pleygo? Another disappointed former customer here. You need to follow up on your post and let people know customer service is unsatisfactory at this time and to steer clear.


 cattailchronicles says –  (Edit)


Thanks so much for your comment. I have heard from Pleygo – unfortunately I can’t say that it will help at all. There will be a Pleygo Update post that will go out tomorrow – and it will say that Pleygo is NOT a company that Cattail Chronicles can support at this time. I am so sorry that you were disappointed, not to mention your child/children and their disappointment.



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