What Am I Going To Do…With All Of This Cardboard?

I don’t know about you…but we seem to accumulate LOTS of cardboard in our house – from Costco shopping trips, Amazon purchases, etc. And…it sits. In the garage. Until someone decides to cart it off to the Recycling Facility. UGH!

Well, every time I turn around I  see another incredibly cute project that someone has made with cardboard. It is amazing what you can do with something you would otherwise, hopefully, be recycling. So, I thought it might be fun to show you just a few of the options available to you…should you decide that cardboard crafting might be something you and your little ones might want to try one day.

Do you have a budding pizza chef in your house? Then why not make a pizza oven from a shoe box…so easy and would surely provide hours of fun.


Maybe a rocket ship is what you had in mind. Check out this creation from Built By Kids.


Are you hooked yet? Well, I have been following Ikatbag.com for quite some time. Lier is a VERY accomplished mother of three beautiful girls – and – she knows her cardboard. Almost three years ago, she did a fabulous post – How To Work With Cardboard. This is a must read for anyone who really wants to get into cardboard construction. Lier has lots of posts about the cardboard projects she has made over the years – one of my favorites is Automobiles from Busytown – she made a car, a scooter, a stoplight, gas pump, car wash…it made me feel inadequate and weary just reading about it all. She is awesome!

I’ve started a Pinterest BoardCardboard Creations – so be sure to check that out if you need any more inspiration!

Cattail Chronicles - Cardboard Creations

So…do you feel motivated? Are you going to start hoarding cardboard and embark on your own project? If you do…please send me a photo at [email protected]. I would love to see them. And rest assured when Our Little Darling is next here…cardboard building will be on the agenda, and yes…we will share!

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