The Fort That Jack Built

We all remember the classic nursery rhyme ” The House That Jack Built” right? Well, I hope you are going to love this updated version, The Fort That Jack Built as much as I do. Written by Boni Ashburn, when read aloud to your little ones, I suspect that you will, as I did, find your voice picking up the beat of the words as you go along…and I suspect that your little one will soon know when to say “…the fort that Jack built!”


You’ll see Jack collect many things from all over the house as he brings his fort to life – a table, two chairs, a stack of pillows, a breakfast-bar stool, books and a shower curtain are just a few of the things he collects to build his fort. But…just as he has it completed – the owners of all the various bits and bobs come to reclaim them! Oh no! One sister wants her little chair back, his brother takes his stack of books back, and his older sister comes for the shower curtain. Even his Grandmother takes a patchwork quilt – the final blow! What is Jack going to do?  Oh…I am not going to tell you but, I will say, it is Grandma who saves the day!

I love the illustrations by Brett Helquist who is perhaps best known for the work he has done on Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you like The Fort That Jack Built you might want to check out another title from Boni – Over at the Castle – In this variation on the folk song “Over the Meadow,” the occupants of a medieval castle spend their day spinning, cleaning, cooking, and dancing, until they receive a special surprise from their dragon neighbors.

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