The Pop-Up Books of Vojtech Kubasta

At the end of January there was an article in the New York Times by William Grimes reviewing a recently opened exhibit, at The Grollier Club in New York. The exhibit showcases the work of the Czech Vojtech Kubasta -an extremely talented creator of pop-up books. After his budding career as an architect was cut short, he turned his considerable talent to designing advertising materials. This eventually led to other things, for example, every Christmas season he designed and illustrated a new crèche in which he captured the Czech traditional Christmas setting. In 1956, he designed his first fairy tale pop-up book: Little Red Riding Hood.

The pop-up books contain only one three-dimensional scene, a format that allows the interior pages to be printed and assembled conventionally and economically while saving the dramatic impact for the final pop-up.


“How Columbus Discovered America” – Photograph by Byron Smith for the New York Times


“Tip and Top on the Moon” – Photograph by Byron Smith for the New York Times


“Tip and Top Build a Motorcar” – Photograph by Byron Smith for the New York Times

If you find yourself in New York, I highly recommend a visit to The Grollier Club to see this amazing exhibition which runs through March 15.

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