Haptic Lab – A Great Find!

Have you heard of Haptic Lab? Hmm. Do you know the meaning of “haptics?” I confess, I did not. So, of course, I looked it up. So glad I did because – if you know that haptics is any form of nonverbal communication involving touch, then you will understand the “why” of Haptic Lab.

City Quilts > Washington DC

City Quilts > Washington DC

Emily Fischer is the founder and architect of The Haptic Lab. Her team is comprised of a small group of craft artisans, designers and tinkerers. Using their diverse creative skill sets, they seek to change the world of producing goods to bring about transparency, simplicity, sustainability and consciousness. They make intricate quilts, kites, furniture, and environments that combine new technologies with traditional craft techniques — infusing a sense of play and timelessness into everything.

I was initially going to write a post about their awesome kites – kites that really do fly (SO COOL!) but could/would also be a pretty cool design element in a child’s room…so…when not in use outside, it serves an inside purpose. Love it when that happens! The Haptic Lab exclusive kite collection is made in collaboration with Balinese artisans. The sailing ship kite is $40.00.


But…when I got to their website I realized that they were about much more than these amazing kites – you must have a look at their baby quilts and city quilts! Made of 100% cotton, these quilts are a feast for not only the eyes but to the touch as well…which, by the way, is how Emily Fischer began. When Emily’s mother began to lose her eyesight, Emily started The SoftMaps quilt project as an academic experiment in tactile way-finding.

Baby Quilts > London baby quilt

Baby Quilts > London baby quilt

Best of all, I think, Haptic Lab will custom design a quilt for you. Is there a city that holds special memories for you, no problem. A special quilt for a special newborn baby, coming right up. A special quilt for a couple getting married…the list of quilt “gift” possibilities is endless!

So, I encourage you to have a look at the Haptic Lab website – who knows, you might see something you like, too!


Just to be clear: Haptic Lab did not ask me to write about them and I have received nothing in exchange for writing this. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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