Tooth Fairy, Tooth Mouse, Rabbits, BIrds, Pigs etc…What is your tradition?

Even though we have lived all over the world..for some reason, it never occurred to me that other cultures would have different ways of dealing with the teeth that children lose. Why not? I guess that I was just not that interested…after all, if you had a list of burning questions you were pondering “Who takes the teeth of children when they fall out” is probably, I’m just guessing, not even in the top ten.

So I was intrigued when I found out that in France, for example, they have a Tooth Mouse. You might wonder how I came upon this piece of knowledge…well of course there is a book about The Tooth Mouse. It’s a lovely story about  Sophie, a little mouse who aspires to take over the role of Tooth Mouse, as the current Tooth Mouse is preparing to retire. Sophie desperately wants to be the next Tooth Mouse but first she must prove that she is honest, brave and wise. And of course there are other mice who also want to become the Tooth Mouse – who will it be?


Sophie, and all the other mice, must complete three tasks in order to help the Tooth Mouse select her successor. Can you imagine – they must

  • bring back the whisker of a cat
  • obtain a silver coin – no thievery, and
  • develop a plan to deal with ALL the baby teeth!

Oh my! Can Sophie complete the tasks successfully?

As always, depending on the age of the child… The Tooth Mouse has the possibility for sparking all sorts of conversations, and you know me, I love that! You could talk about dental hygiene, eating the right sort of food, going to the dentist, not to mention the conversations you could have about honesty, bravery and wisdom!

The-Tooth-Mouse-1 The-Tooth-Mouse-2

Susan Hood, the author,  has a handy little chart for charting the teeth that your child loses and an envelope that you can put your tooth in to be sure that the tooth fairy, or mouse…doesn’t miss it.

And I can’t forget to mention the talented woman who illustrated this lovely book, Janice Nadeau – an award winning artist from Canada. The illustrations are simply amazing bringing together a plethora of mice that any child could love and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Getting ready to go to the dentist, or perhaps that first baby tooth is just ready to come out – pick up a copy of  The Tooth Mouse to share with your children.

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