Favorites on Friday

Well! We are in Georgia this week and have REALLY been enjoying the warm weather ( 70+ degrees.) We have had so much fun visiting family and friends and being warm but now we’re heading north, back to Virginia with Our Little Darling. Will there still be snow in our fields? We will see!

Have a great weekend!

A few interesting things we found for you….


6-Year-Old Blake Ansari. Photo by Bob Gore via The Atlantic Cities.

  • Amazing story about a 6 year old boy in New York City who started a drive to bring books to homeless children and now wants to establish a library for them!
  • Does your child hold his/her pencil correctly?
  • LEO the Prince Maker. Is 3-D printing the future of children’s books?
  • There is something timeless about Baby Bear books, isn’t there. Kadir Nelson gives us a beautiful bedtime story about a baby bear trying to find his way home.
  • Animal theme birthday party? Need cute balloons? No problem – have a look at these!

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