Favorites on Friday


While I was not particularly happy that we had MORE SNOW this week…there was someone who was thrilled! Oh to be a child. It is certainly a good thing that Beanie’s Pops loves to be out and about in the snow. They had such fun walking to the pond, watching the geese walk on the ice, looking at the fox and deer footprints in the snow – exploring – so much fun! We have had lots of fun inside too working on some “projects.”

Hoping for warm, sunny days this weekend and snow melting – how about you?

In the meantime…

  • Have you ever wondered what happens when an egg appears on the doorstop of a fox’s house? Alex T. Smith gives children a delightful tale with a surprise ending in Foxy and Egg.
  • Is someone in your home learning to tie shoes? Maybe you should check out EZ Leaps – a great little tool to help children tie their shoes. Genius!
  • I made this Quinoa and Mango Salad with Lemony-Ginger Dressing this week and altered it to use what I had available. YUMMY!
  • Do you and your little ones recycle cardboard for fun projects? I think this dashboard looks like it could lots of fun!
  • And…what party is complete without balloons?

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