Using Color in a Child’s Room

I am always intrigued to see what colors/styles are trending in children’s room decor. Recently I have come across two examples where green in all shades has proven the choice of the moment. Emerald was 2013’s Pantone Color of the Year, so perhaps, this was in some part the point of departure for this particular color choice. I love both of these rooms – the green injects, I think, a fresh, clean feeling, and it brings the outdoors inside. They both look like rooms that invite playtime, but also would be restful and calming for sleep. What do you think?

First up is the bedroom of Maaike Koster’s son. Maaike is the owner/designer of My Deer. My Deer specializes in concept & design and interior design & styling. They transform your ideas into inspiring concepts, amazing creative and sophisticated spaces.



In her son’s bedroom where the walls and floors are painted white, Maaike has used green, in various shades, throughout the room. I personally love the way she has used vintages pieces, like the bright green wardrobe/cabinet. But how can you not swoon over the hunter green trunk on wheels, or the fact that even the books she has displayed play to the “green” theme? Love this.

Do you know John and Sherry over at Young House Love? They are expecting their second child, a boy, soon. They have been busy planning a nursery, obviously. As Sherry explained in her first post, And So The Nursery Begins…

the whole green accent color idea actually came from the bike prints that John framed in rustic homemade wood frames for our last house’s sunroom.

Well, that was their first nursery post, and since then there have been several more, detailing as always, their progress, reasons for the decisions they make, etc. John and Sherry designed and made, with some purchased chests, beautiful built-in bookcases. What I really love is the thoughtful process, making sure that the built-ins work not just now, but as the baby grows from toddler to teen.



They seem certain, right now, at least, that this house is a keeper (it’s their third, so far!) If you follow along you can see how Sherry keeps adding little pops of color, primarily green into her design scheme.

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