Do You Know A Little Girl Called Birdie?

What rock have I been under? Sometimes I wonder.

Luckily, and of course, I can’t remember how…I found Birdie. Birdie is a delightful little girl, the invention of illustrator Sujean Rimm. Birdie has been around for awhile…she made her debut way back in 2009 in a lovely book called Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes. Birdie, just like every other little girl, is in love with the shoes in her mother’s closet – and she’s simply can’t wait to try them on. When her mother finally relents, Birdie thinks she’s finally in shoe heaven. But then she realizes that maybe, just maybe, peep-toes, pointy Mary Janes and stilettos are not exactly what she needs right now. And that actually going barefoot is the best of all!


On the heels (pun intended) of Birdie’s debut, Birdie returned in the next installment, Birdie’s Big-Girl Dress. It was almost Birdie’s birthday and she was so excited. As they got ready for her party, Birdie decided to try on her favorite party dress. But, oh no, Birdie had grown and now her favorite dress was too small. After trying on many, many dresses in her favorite shop, with no success, Birdie and her mom head home. Birdie decides to look in the attic – and oh what treasures there were. She put together the perfect party dress from bits and pieces of her grandparent’s clothes. She created a “Birdie” dress – the perfect dress for a perfect party.


I know that anyone who has a little girl can relate to tangled hair. In the newly released Birdie’s Big -Girl Hair, the delightful Birdie realizes that it is time to do something about her hair. Her mother agrees that she can cut her hair and Birdie starts pouring over magazines and books looking or the perfect “big-girl” hair style. She finally finds just what she has been looking for…in her mother’s high school year book. But, after a visit to the hairdresser, Birdie goes to the park to play, and her carefully coifed hair…is…no more. But, her mother says, not to worry Birdie your hair is just perfect…because it is YOU!


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