Favorites on Friday

We started off this week with…more snow! It was great, because it meant that Beanie got to build a snowman. Color him happiest boy ever! The sad face appeared on Thursday morning when he realized that his snowman was melting. It didn’t last long though, because he knows that sunny days are perfect for cleaning up the vegetable garden, picking up sticks, trips down to the pond, and just about anything else that will keep him outside. So that’s where you will find us this weekend – outside! How about you? Be sure to check out the links below – good books, good fun! Oh, and have you heard the Detroit Elementary School cover of Pharrell Williams’ Happy? You’ll be smiling before they finish singing…promise!

  • Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore. A true rescue story…perfect for spring reading.
  • A cake with a hidden surprise!
  • Everyone can reign supreme with a clever DIY crown…made from a paper plate.
  • We’re going to try this yummy smoothie recipe.

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