The Colorful World of Leo Timmers

Have you and your children met Leo Timmers and the colorful characters that he creates? No?!? Well, all I can say is…you need to. Soon!

Leo Timmers was born in 1970, in Belgium. He trained in Graphic Design and began his career illustrating children’s books. Gradually, he started writing stories himself.


We have three books of Leo’s books that Beanie just loves – Who Is Driving?, BANG, and The Magical Life of Mr. Renny. If you ever see just one, I think you will be, as I was (and certainly little Beanie seems to be too) blown away by the sheer exuberance of color, the animals he brings to LIFE with color, color, color, the detail that goes into each page – especially in BANG.

Who Is Driving? gives the reader a group of characters to choose from in order to match the driver with the car. Whimsically, thoughtfully drawn, the correct animal is dressed appropriately for the vehicle. So, for example, the pig who drives the tractor is sporting Wellington boots, jeans, a white t-shirt and a red bandana. Oh, and he is carrying a pitchfork! And…each vehicle drives off making the appropriate sound. Perfect for those children who are into sound effects!


What happens when you have a multi-car accident? Have you ever pondered what that might look like? BANG is the only word in this book that tells the tale of what happens as one car after another piles into the one in front of it. And a most colorful explosion it is. Each vehicle is carrying something different – so on one page, car tires go flying, on another, fish. There is lots to see in BANG…and so much to talk about, too!


The Magical Life of Mr. Renny is the story of an artist dog who faithfully drags his paintings to market each and every week…but could never make a sale. Then one day a man comes along and gives Mr. Renny the opportunity to make everything he paints come to life. And it did! Anything he wanted…he just painted it and there it was – cars, houses, food,…you name it and if Mr. Renny painted it – POOF! – there it was, even a mansion. But there was one thing that Mr. Renny didn’t have – friends. What will he do?


We have really enjoyed all of these books. Who Is Driving? makes a children observe the pictures to deduce which driver goes with each car. BANG shows children…in a humorous way, what happens when you don’t pay attention while driving. Mr. Renny learned, and so will children, that sometimes people are more important than friends.


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