Favorites on Friday

My Mom, Beanie’s Great-grandmother has a special room in her house that her grandchildren and now great-grandchildren seem to gravitate to as soon as they walk through her front door. On Wednesday, we were there visiting and as soon as he said, “Hi Gam” he was off…to the playroom. The playroom is full of memories for me and my sister, our children and now our grandchildren. There are toys and books and photos of every generation – in the end, we all ended up…in the playroom, talking and, of course, playing.

Beanie is going home tomorrow…and I will be sad that he won’t be here to help work on the vegetable garden, but I know he will be back soon and we will have new adventures to plan and memories to make!

  • Let’s make a catapult – really!
  • Transitioning a little girl from a nursery to a “big girl” bedroom? Check out these cute options.
  • Easter chicks made from wine corks.
  • Process Art – Is your child’s art about the process or the end result? Great blog post!
  • When do you start reading chapter books to your children? Beanie turned 3 in January. We read his first chapter book this week and I’ll be talking about it soon. [Pictured]
  • Cursive Handwriting – yes or no? Which camp do you fall in? A compelling argument for cursive writing…even in a digital age.

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