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As former Expats, I can attest to the value of immersing ones self in the culture you are living in. That is, of course, the ideal. However, as we learned with 13 years overseas, you can run out of steam, lose your enthusiasm, etc. But it is amazing how the simplest effort, greeting people in their own language, can bring the nicest smile. Priceless.

Several weeks ago, I learned about Little Pim. Based on the principles of her father’s teaching method, the Pimsleur Method, Julia Pimsleur Levine set out to develop a similar program for children. And so, Little Pim was born. Pimsleur Levine sought to create a program that would delight and teach young children a foreign language at the same time. Not only is it the first comprehensive at home program, it can also be used effectively by parents even if they don’t speak a foreign language.


You only need 500 words to be considered “conversational” in a language. With Little Pim’s method, your child can learn over 360 words and phrases, providing the essential building blocks for language learning.

Each video teaches child-friendly vocabulary based around a theme.   Children will learn words such as cake,  doll,  train,  and simple phrases,  as well as numbers 1-10.  Episodes are paced for young children and strategic repetition of vocabulary helps them retain the new words and phrases.

We have been working with the three German DVD’s in the Discovery Set with Beanie. He loves them! In fact, he liked them so much that when I was saying the words along, he politely informed me that my assistance was not necessary. SOLD! He loves the little panda bear (who is called Pim)  and asked at one point where it was because it had not yet appeared in the video.

While I think that it helps that we speak German, it is by no means necessary for the parent to know the language that you choose for your child.

Based on my initial observations, I had an email conversation with the good people at Little Pim and they were kind enough to send me the German Discovery Set that included:


  • a set of three DVD’s
  • a “Little Pim” stuffed animal, and
  • a poster – Say Hello – how to say “Hello” in 11 languages

It is difficult to make an assessment based on two trial videos, but on the strength of Beanie’s involvement, I think we will be exploring which language it is that we want to work on – most likely German.

I do like the ability to purchase either DVD’s or a digital download – and if you do get the digital copy, you can load it on multiple devices within your family…great if your little one, like ours, has his own iPad and you want to put it on a desktop computer as well, for example.


Thanks so much to the good people at Little Pim for providing us with the German Discovery Set to try.

* While I was provided with free material, the opinions expressed here are my own and totally based on my own observations.


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