The Scraps Book – Notes from a colorful life

Oh, Lois Ehlert…you make my heart sing! And yes, I think art chose you, too. But…I also think that it helps to have parents who encourage and share their own talents with their children, whatever they may be. I love that Lois’s parents gave her a table of her own where she could dream and create. Right now when Beanie comes to visit we work together at the big table in the kitchen, but soon, I think, he will need a space of his own…something to work on!

The Scraps Book: Notes from a Colorful Life is a real celebration of the amazing artistic career of Lois Ehlert. Ehlert has written and illustrated 25 books and illustrated a hand full more. Each book is filled with her trademark style showcasing a passion for color, nature and (dear to my own heart) the importance of early literacy.


Every time you turn the page in The Scraps Book you are visually assaulted with color! Lois shares her creative process with us – on a level that every child can understand. I can’t wait to share this book with Beanie!



I had to chuckle this morning, because as I sat at the window re-reading and typing this I came to the page where Lois talks about how she got the idea for Nuts to You! And…who do you think scurried up the crape myrtle tree to get to the bird feeder? Just one of the many squirrels who share this space with us! I know that having the natural world right outside my window is the main reason that I love working here. I love watching all the birds who come to our feeders, the fox and rabbits who pass through, the deer?!?!( I love them but they are eating ALL my plants!)


It was great when we had Beanie here for a visit, because he is always up for a “project.” We are trying to start early with him – he loves to paint, he is a BIG help when I am cooking, especially if it has to do with making cookies, and he loves to be outside in the garage with Pops, tinkering on the tractor or whatever needs fixing.

He also loves the natural world – and that is very exciting too. He loves to see the birds at the feeders, the deer in the fields – eating, sleeping, playing. He loves going down to the pond and fishing…or when it’s too cold, to see the geese and the ducks, and maybe just to throw a pebble in. Last month after pacing back and forth along the bank…he decided just to walk in the pond – to see what it felt like. Completely safe, because his Pops was close by, he just had to try it out. It.Was.Cold!!!

But I have veered far off topic, haven’t I? But then, not so much I think. Because as I re-read The Scraps Book this morning, those are the memories that came flooding back to me. All good. I wonder then, what memories will you conjure up when you read The Scraps Book…and will you, and your children, be inspired to create your own colorful works of art? Let me know. I am hoarding colorful scraps in anticipation of Beanie’s next visit!

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