Favorites on Friday


Oh my…our little Beanie went off to school this morning…just for a visit. Last night he said to me ” You know, Mimi, Mama can’t come to school with me.” How is it that children grow up so fast? We are all waiting for his Mama to pick him up so that we can hear how his day went and all about his new friends! Do you remember that first time you dropped your children off…were you happy, sad, relieved? How did you feel?

The weather has finally started to cooperate here and it looks like we will be able to get out in the garden and start to work – weeding and pruning. That’s the plan for the weekend. Hope yours is fun filled!

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  • Is your child in school yet? Are they learning to print, write in cursive, or…type? An interesting article on why all three are important! It’s just important to keep writing!
  • Love these Easter Egg felt boards…so easy to make,  but hours of fun decorating!
  • Were you hoping for a Candy Free or Less Candy Easter Basket this year? Check out this list of 50 options from Whitney who blogs over on Mommies with Style!


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