Favorites on Friday

Well…we have had another interesting week of weather here in Virginia. We went from 70 and sunny to 30 with rain, sleet, hail and wind! We’re half way through April and someone forgot to tell March, right?!?! Anyway, it’s Easter weekend! What plans do you have? Family dinners, Easter egg hunts…whatever your plans this weekend, I hope that they are fun filled!

  • Just in case you’re still searching for that perfect cake for Easter, have a look at this Easter Basket Cake from The Cake Blog. [Pictured]
  • Where’s Mommy? A sweet story about two generations of friends -girls and mice – and the youngsters can’t find their mothers!
  • What to do with cut flowers past their prime…try flower printing.
  • The Room System…25 blocks that you assemble as a table, a bookcase/étagère or as a piece of sculpture!
  • Looking for a good swing to hang in your tree this year…check out this beauty from Kaufmann Mercantile.
  • Music Everywhere! Celebrating the way children make music…all over the world.

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