Miss You Like Crazy

So many parents work outside the home these days. How about you? Chances are, if you do, then perhaps your child/children have said to you at some point, “why do you have to go to work” or “can I come with you.” Even if they are off for a fun day of school or Mother’s Morning out.  Am I right? Well then Pamela Hall has come up with a perfect book for you and yours.

Miss You Like Crazy is the story of Walnut, the cutest little squirrel and his Mom. Walnut is not happy that his Mom is leaving him – he wants to hide in her pocket and jump out once she is at work. They imagine all the fun things they could do – with just a click of the mouse – for the computer, of course!


Walnut does not understand that work is important for their family and for others. But his Mother promises that one day she will take him to work. And even better 5:00 pm everyday is “Walnut Time.”

Miss You Like Crazy, a great bedtime, or anytime, story from Pamela Hall with beautiful illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell.

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