Calling Cards for the Younger Set


Do your children have “calling cards?” Do you carry around “play date cards?”  Yes, all of my children, when they were young, had personalized cards that were most often used as a card for birthday parties, Christmas, you name it! They are a great way to let the receiver know who a gift came from. Here are… 

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360°Books Are Beautiful and Engaging Works of Literary Art

“The initial idea of this 360 degree book is to express one scene of story in 3 dimensional way using a whole page of book. With this system, everyone who opens the book can enjoy it and is surprised by the dramatic transformation.” – Yusuke Oono Germany-based, Japanese artist Yusuke Oono brings Rudyard Kipling’s The… 

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When Mom Says, “Don’t Play With Your Food…”

And now for a little Cattail related fun… Back in 2012, artist Brock Davis was commissioned to create the poster for the Minnesota State Fair and lo and behold, it was Cattail related! Images and video courtesy of Brock Davis on Instagram. Inspiration courtesy of My Modern Met.