Using Color in a Child’s Room


I am always intrigued to see what colors/styles are trending in children’s room decor. Recently I have come across two examples where green in all shades has proven the choice of the moment. Emerald was 2013’s Pantone Color of the Year, so perhaps, this was in some part the point of departure for this particular color… 

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Haptic Lab – A Great Find!


Have you heard of Haptic Lab? Hmm. Do you know the meaning of “haptics?” I confess, I did not. So, of course, I looked it up. So glad I did because – if you know that haptics is any form of nonverbal communication involving touch, then you will understand the “why” of Haptic Lab. Emily Fischer is… 

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A Bedroom for Children…if the SKY was the limit!


As parents don’t we all want our children to have a great bedroom? And we all have really specific ideas, I think. Some people go for calm and soothing hoping to woo a child to sleep in a room with with peace and serenity. Others…not so much. Bring on the color! And what about it… 

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