Quirky Christmas Cards from the 19th Century


Did you know that the first “printed” Christmas card was sent in 1843. Until then all Christmas greetings had been hand written. Personal, how nice. An Englishman decided he was too busy and asked an artist friend to design a card for him – a limited edition of 1000 was printed of which 12 remain… 

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Favorites on Friday

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Christmas is coming….have you finished your shopping? Wrapped all your presents? Cooked all your sweets and treats? NO!!! Join the club! If you are looking for a book to give this Christmas…might I suggest the following…

Guest Post – Christmastime with Leuie


With Christmastime just around the corner, we are very happy to welcome a collection of unique and beautiful items to the shop — items that offer a timeless sensibility and classic place in the home and life; items that inspire, are full of charm and open the imagination… from soft and cuddly denim characters to… 

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