Have You Decorated Your Easter Eggs Yet…and other ideas for a Happy Easter!

Loving Easter greetings. Image via the NYPL.

Are you ready for Easter? I thought it might be helpful if I pulled together some things that I have seen around the web – I’ve focused mainly on egg decorating but there are a few links to activities. Enjoy! Did you know that McCormick has Neon Food Color? This chart has great tips for… 

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Fun and Easy DIY Bird-Feeders


Do you have any bird lovers/watchers in your family? I have lots of friends who are SERIOUS birders…I am not. But we have the most wonderful plate glass window in our breakfast room that not only provides us every day with amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but we also have a window into… 

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Have Old Suitcase…Make a Doll House!


Oh my goodness! Some of us, I know I am guilty, have old suitcases lurking in the shadows of our basements/attics. Right? How about you? So when I happened across this post ALLL the way from Australia, I was really excited. I mean really, who wouldn’t want a traveling  doll house? And this looks fun… 

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What Am I Going To Do…With All Of This Cardboard?


I don’t know about you…but we seem to accumulate LOTS of cardboard in our house – from Costco shopping trips, Amazon purchases, etc. And…it sits. In the garage. Until someone decides to cart it off to the Recycling Facility. UGH! Well, every time I turn around I  see another incredibly cute project that someone has… 

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Gearing up for Valentines Day

Published by the A. M. Davis Co., Boston, c. 1919. Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? I thought I might share a few fun things that I have discovered – whether your children want to make their own Valentine’s Cards to distribute to their pals or…you just want to pick up something cute…lots of options here! Valentines Treat Tag – I WHEELIE like you! A Valentine’s Day… 

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360°Books Are Beautiful and Engaging Works of Literary Art

“The initial idea of this 360 degree book is to express one scene of story in 3 dimensional way using a whole page of book. With this system, everyone who opens the book can enjoy it and is surprised by the dramatic transformation.” – Yusuke Oono Germany-based, Japanese artist Yusuke Oono brings Rudyard Kipling’s The… 

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