What Am I Going To Do…With All Of This Cardboard?


I don’t know about you…but we seem to accumulate LOTS of cardboard in our house – from Costco shopping trips, Amazon purchases, etc. And…it sits. In the garage. Until someone decides to cart it off to the Recycling Facility. UGH! Well, every time I turn around I  see another incredibly cute project that someone has… 

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Thanks so much to those of you who have contacted me regarding your experiences with Pleygo. After my post on Pleygo, which I have included below, I received several comments and emails about the service their current customers are receiving – and it wasn’t positive. I wrote to Pleygo – and basically they told me… 

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Coding for the Younger Generation – Hello Ruby!


Now if you don’t know what that means…well, then get comfortable. I want to introduce you to an amazing young woman – Linda Liukas. She is smart – wicked smart and not only is she smart – she is awfully cute. And Linda has done all of our children/grandchildren a huge favor. She has developed… 

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