KeeKee’s Big Adventures – We’ve Got Books…to Give Away!


Do you have wanderlust? Have you traveled a lot and perhaps you are looking for creative ways to whet your child’s appetite for foreign travel and adventure? Do you think that perhaps a book or two, written with children in mind, about visiting foreign cities might be just the ticket? YES!!! Well, I am so excited… 

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Where SpaceX’s Next Gen Adventurers Are Born


While Elon Musk and others set their gaze upon the cold, barren landscape of Mars, the explorers who will actually step foot on the “Red Planet” are the precious darlings we’re currently doting on! So what better way to inspire their sense of science and adventure to worlds beyond than with a Cardboard Rocket! Wonderfully… 

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A Trip To The Bottom Of The World With Mouse


Ever been to Antarctica? Not me…but our daughter was lucky enough to go on an amazing trip years ago with a group from her high school and she loved it…especially the penguins. The sea sickness…not so much. This book immediately reminded me of her trip. And so, of course, I had to buy a copy… 

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The Circus Ship … Another winner from Chris Van Dusen


The Circus Ship is the perfect antidote for a gray and rainy day. This book is full of gorgeous, wildly colorful illustrations that just beg to be looked at, studied for the amazing detail, searched for objects, and later, animals that are hiding. Such fun awaits inside the covers! Loosely based on a true story… 

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