What’s Your Favorite Animal?

Aren’t we lucky? Eric Carle and 13 other illustrators that you might have run across in your reading, got together to make a really fun book – What’s Your Favorite Animal?  After all, everyone does have a favorite animal, right? And…it is really fun to see that people are quite diverse in their animal choices… 

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Are You Ready for A Roman Holiday…with KeeKee

Fast on the heels of her debut book, KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France, Shannon Jones, recently released KeeKee’s latest travel adventure – ROME! Considering how much our Little Darling loved visiting Paris with KeeKee, I can’t wait to share KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Rome with him. I don’t know about you, but a little… 

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Classics on Tuesday – The School For Cats

Esther Averill was a writer and illustrator best known for the Cat Club picture books, a collection of 13 stories featuring Jenny Linsky, a small black cat who always wears a red scarf. The School for Cats was originally published in 1947.

Favorites on Friday


By the time you read this…we will have dropped off our Little Darling with his Mom and he will be on the way home – to be with his Mom and Dad for Christmas. We have REALLY enjoyed having him with us! And we have spoiled him rotten, after all, isn’t that what grandparents are… 

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Olive and the Big Secret


Can YOU keep a secret? Some people are the best secret keepers…and then there are others, like Olive. Chances are, we’ve probably all been in Olive’s shoes at some point in our lives.