What’s New in Toys and Creative Play for April


For budding artists – a Mosaic Stamp Kit. You’ll be inspired by this set of unique stamps with eight different designs. Watch the video to see how each stamp creates mandala-like designs ready for coloring with crayons, colored pencils or markers. Trying to inspire a future gardener/farmer? A great handmade Wheel Barrow and Outdoor Garden Tool Set, with two… 

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Have You Decorated Your Easter Eggs Yet…and other ideas for a Happy Easter!

Loving Easter greetings. Image via the NYPL.

Are you ready for Easter? I thought it might be helpful if I pulled together some things that I have seen around the web – I’ve focused mainly on egg decorating but there are a few links to activities. Enjoy! Did you know that McCormick has Neon Food Color? This chart has great tips for… 

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Favorites on Friday


While I was not particularly happy that we had MORE SNOW this week…there was someone who was thrilled! Oh to be a child. It is certainly a good thing that Beanie’s Pops loves to be out and about in the snow. They had such fun walking to the pond, watching the geese walk on the… 

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What Am I Going To Do…With All Of This Cardboard?


I don’t know about you…but we seem to accumulate LOTS of cardboard in our house – from Costco shopping trips, Amazon purchases, etc. And…it sits. In the garage. Until someone decides to cart it off to the Recycling Facility. UGH! Well, every time I turn around I  see another incredibly cute project that someone has… 

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