Scary…and not so Scary Books for Halloween!

Getting ready for Halloween? I know you are! Don’t forget to read some fun stories about the witches and ghosts, goblins and mummies while practicing “Trick or Treat!” Have fun and be safe next week. Share your Halloween costume pictures on Cattail Chronicles Facebook page.

King Jack and the Dragon


At the moment…we seem to be into pirates and dragons and all things make believe. Oh, to be young and have an imagination that knows no bounds! Well, Peter Bently obviously knows a thing or two about boys and what they like to get up to and he brings it to us in a lovely… 

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I’m six now, and I am off to slay a dragon…well, maybe

Oh to be 6! and after a large breakfast, set out on the mother of all adventures…on your trusty donkey … to slay a fire breathing dragon! So it goes for Henry, the very great grandson of King Arthur, that’s right, you heard me, KING ARTHUR.