Have You Decorated Your Easter Eggs Yet…and other ideas for a Happy Easter!

Loving Easter greetings. Image via the NYPL.

Are you ready for Easter? I thought it might be helpful if I pulled together some things that I have seen around the web – I’ve focused mainly on egg decorating but there are a few links to activities. Enjoy! Did you know that McCormick has Neon Food Color? This chart has great tips for… 

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Favorites on Friday

Classroom scene in Washington, D.C. elementary school - children working with blocks and at blackboard in mathematics class c. 1900.

Where did the week go?!?  So hard to believe that another Friday has rolled around. I finally have some daffodils popping out, but the ground is still way to wet to get outside and do any meaningful gardening. Some interesting things for you to read today…I tend to focus so much on the importance of… 

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