Two Books with “Guides” on How to Run Away From Home!


Depending on how old your children are – you might have heard those familiar words…”I am so ___ I’m going to run away from home!” Am I right? And, if you are a grandparent, like I am, I feel certain that you just might have heard them, at least once. And…quite possibly…you said them to… 

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Black Dog


Hmm, when you were little were you afraid of anything? Really, I was always certain there was someone/thing hiding under my bed waiting to grab my arm or leg should they happen to hang over the bed at night…it took me ages to get over that! If I had had a great story like Black… 

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3 Books about Children and their Dads!


Well, I might have missed Father’s Day, but I thought it might be fun to spread some love to the Dads of the world and I think you might find one that you and your little ones will want to share with your own special Dad! Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino is so special. It is… 

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