Do you read chapter books to your toddler?

Last month while Beanie was visiting, I ran across a cute book that I wanted to read to him. I was a little concerned that it was a chapter book, but it was relatively short and well illustrated, and so I thought…why not! And so we began at nap-time with the first chapter of The… 

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Olive and the Big Secret


Can YOU keep a secret? Some people are the best secret keepers…and then there are others, like Olive. Chances are, we’ve probably all been in Olive’s shoes at some point in our lives.

Scary…and not so Scary Books for Halloween!

Getting ready for Halloween? I know you are! Don’t forget to read some fun stories about the witches and ghosts, goblins and mummies while practicing “Trick or Treat!” Have fun and be safe next week. Share your Halloween costume pictures on Cattail Chronicles Facebook page.

Squirrel’s Fun Day

Do you know any animal MORE energetic than a squirrel? Well, not in the book, Squirrel’s Fun Day by Lisa Moser. In this short chapter book, Squirrel is desperate to play with his friends Mouse, Turtle and Rabbit. But they are all…otherwise engaged.  In each chapter Squirrel tries to arrange a play date with one… 

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A Visitor for Bear


People have recently asked where I find the books that I write about here. Today, the resources that we have, literally at our fingertips make this a fun project. Some of them are books I read as a youngster or I read to my children.  I made it my mission when our grandson was born… 

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Comings and Goings

I’m traveling this week with the bundle of joy that is my grandson and we’re having a blast. Just the other day we had the great pleasure of visiting dear friends, Marsha and Darryl Herren at Olive Forge Herb Farm in Browns Crossing, Georgia. If you blinked going down the road you might miss the… 

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